Before travelling we advise that you consult your doctor, as you will need to be up to date with vaccinations against yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis B, polio, and tetanus as well as taking malaria tablets.

Please bring anti-allergenic tablets with you or talk to your doctor if you are unsure about your reaction to insect bites.

If you already know that you suffer from this allergy then it's best not to travel to Casamance during the rainy season when the risk of getting mosquito bites is higher than during the rest of the year.


Medicine kit

You might find that you want to bring a travel kit with medicine for: headache, tummy upsets and perish the thought, diarrhoea!

Insect repellent is highly recommended 

Painkillers and plasters/bandages are not readily available in Abene or its neighbourhood so it's a good idea to include these.