Fair Trade 
If you wish to purchase gifts for yourself or for relatives at home, you will have access to a range of traditional instruments as well as beautiful wood carvings, clothes and jewellery made by craftsmen and artists in Abene and Kafountine. We will be happy to help you in the purchase of any of these delectable "objet d'art" and indicate reasonable prices for each item. We insist on offering affordable prices whilst keeping in mind the effort made in producing each object by the artist, in order to promote and operate a fair-trade policy.

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The vegetation in Casamance is lush thanks to a fairly long rainy season. Respect for the environment is vital to the conservation of many of the unusual types of trees and plants growing in the village. It is also vital for the survival of rare species of birds in this region, and animals living in the bush, such as monkeys, monitor lizards and chameleons. We would therefore be very grateful if you would respect the environment by keeping a "bin bag" with you and taking batteries and non-recyclable items back to Europe, as rubbish is not dealt with in the same way as in Western countries.

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