We can arrange African drum, dance and singing classes with professional and experienced teachers.

We can also arrange lessons in traditional African cooking, pottery and art


Or maybe you would like to learn Batik? lessons can be arrange with a great local artist.

Diatou Sane is an incredible masseuse in the village, we will happily arrange contact for you to enjoy one of her treatments

Diatou gives an African Massage, Her Maasai Grandfather taught her this traditional style.

She can also offer other treatments such as using herbal and hot mineral parcels

Diatou is also trained in Beauty Therapy

Excursions available:

Come with us on a tour of Abene village and meet members of the village, including Abene's craft artists who will be happy to talk about their culture and crafts

A visit to Abene's sacred tree 'Banta Warrow'

A morning trip to the market village of Kafountine situated about 12km away from Abene is fascinating and has lots of goodies to buy!! You may want to have the opportunity to go to the beautiful Diola village of Colomba, where you can see the traditional oven in which beautiful handmade pottery is fired. We can arrange a visit to the local pottery which is run by a women's co-operative.

A boat trip to the Island of Birds "Ile des Oiseaux" can be arranged ... Such visits to Bird Island or into the bush to see the local flora and fauna helps visitors to understand and respect the environment.

Why not try a day's fishing in the Mangroves?

Or learn traditional African medicinal recipes with Malik

Sometimes in the evening you can assist in the Koumpo and Samayo dance in which all locals take part.

You can also choose to go on longer trips, for example to see crocodiles in Gambia, to the beautiful Island of Goree "Ile de Goree" near Dakar or to Ziguinchor, the chief town of Casamance.

If you wish to do long walks around Abene, we will be happy to take you to the rice fields (the harvest season runs from September to February), or show you how coconut or palm wine is collected from the different palm trees around the village. Quite an individual taste!!!

Wherever you decide to go, please come and talk to us and we will recommend a reliable and professional guide depending on the location and the activity you have chosen. They will always make sure your trip is appropriate to your needs and is undertaken in safe conditions.