Things To Bring

Things we recommend you bring for your stay

Long sleeve lightweight shirts 
Trousers with drawstring at the ankle (protection against bites)
Lightweight jumper or shawl for the cooler evenings
Waterproofs for the rainy season (June to October)
Bum bag and money belt for valuables
Trainers for walking
Waterproof boots for the rainy season (June to October)

Health and Beauty products!
Toiletries and beach towel.
Insect repellent for those evil mosquitoes!
Sunscreen and aftersun.

It's important to be careful about the water you drink, bottled water is available at Cassiopeia and in some of the shops in Abene
Drinking from the well is not recommended.

Torch and extra batteries.
Solar powered charger for mobiles and walkmans

You are not able to get the local currency - CFAs - in Europe. You should bring mostly cash in sterling or euros, which you will be able to change for Senegalese CFA on arrival at the house. Don't be tempted to change money in Gambia, as the exchange rate is hellish. Try to bring more cash than you think you will need, as the nearest bank/cash point is half a days journey away by taxi!

Don't forget travel insurance is really helpful in those sticky situations!

The majority of Senegalese are genuine and friendly and really want to make your stay with them memorable.

It is a tradition in Senegal to exchange or give gifts when you leave, so here's some ideas if you feel you would like to give someone a present at the end of your stay:

  • The children love pens, paper, footballs, and their favourite football shirt

  • Perfume, soap and jewellery for the ladies.

  • For the teenagers what better than a Walkman or T-shirt.

However there may be an instance outside of Abene village when someone gives you 'a gift'. Do make sure it is a real gift before accepting; you may find yourself in an awkward position where someone hands you something and then expects payment.

The schools are always desperate for supplies of any kind and you will see on the links page that we at Cassiopeia support a very poor village called Niankitte. We would be happy to give you suggestions on supplies for the children of Niankitte School.


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